The girlfriends that helped me get through final exams and term papers nicknamed me Aphrodite because I was a lover of romance, a serial relationist, a queen of hearts. And though, in some ways I’ve been captured and tamed by the love of my life, my soul is still one motivated by the deep reds of passion, the dark greys of despair, the beautiful and bottomless blue that is potential, and the blinding rainbows of connection, discovery, and mutual existence.

I wield the soft, soft lips that delight and devastate you. I am an insatiable creature of lipstick and scarlet satin. I wear the guts and gore of lovers who see the world in rosy shades of pink and who make themselves vulnerable to all of its bests and its worsts. And I’m back. So kiss your queen, fellow feelers. Your attention is the currency in these lands of rapacious monsters. The gate is open. And the only true commandment is:

Read on. 


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